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CIRED 2020 Berlin Workshop Online

How to Implement Flexibility in the Distribution System?

Experience all the important aspects of a CIRED conference from wherever you are located.

  • Hear from world-leading experts and take part in live question and answer sessions
  • Explore CIRED’s famous poster tours, including video and audio commentary, and the chance to ask questions to the presenters
  • Make new contacts and network with everyone online via video chats and discussion boards
  • Take the CIRED challenge and win points as you move through the conference – with prizes for top attendees!

Key themes of the workshop

  • Integrating new flexibility tools and principles for planning
  • Opportunities and challenges with operation using flexibility
  • Flexibility platforms and the role of future DSOs
  • Integrating flexibilities: how to bring planning and operation closer
  • How can flexibility and customers evolve in the market place?